Snoring Cures To Save Your Relationship

woman-snoreSnoring is one habit many people do not enjoy.  It affects the quality and quantity of sleep of other people in the room.  If you are a snorer and is in search for a snoring cure, then this page is for you.

Snoring cures do not always come in bottles of capsules or tablets.  Solutions can also be done by looking into the habits that could contribute to snoring.  These habits are often overlooked, thinking that it has no relationship on how you sleep at night.

Tongue tricks

Your tongue could be the major cause of your snoring trouble.  At night when it falls off causing blockage in your airway, it produces that annoying sound called snoring.  Exercising your tongue could be a bewildering way to stop snoring, but it really does.  The aim is to reshape it to fit into your mouth.  Training it to stick strictly under your mouth is the key step.  Constantly make a ‘t-t-t-t-t’ sound, like you’re reprimanding someone.  That practice could help in strengthening the tongue’s tip.  Once your tongue sticks like glue, your relationship would be as good as your night’s sleep.

Give way to the airway

For excessive snoring, health experts recommend a surgical procedure called coblation.  This is done by pushing a probe into the soft palate.  Radiofrequency energy will then heat and destroy the tissue, making the palate stiff as it can get.  The change would then instantly cause your airways to enlarge.  Once the airway is clear, there will be less disturbance experienced during sleep. (Watch this video for tips.)

It was also noted that patients who have undergone this operation has felt minimal pain and fast recovery.  Also, it was reported that their incidence of dreaming has increased.  This means that the newly fixed airway gave way to a better sleeping experience.

Ball of solutions

A tennis ball could actually be a snoring cure.  How? Sew a tennis ball inside a pocket of a T-shirt.  Wear this during your sleep.  Isn’t it comfortable?  Yes, that’s the goal.  When you roll on your back, there’ll be an increased chance that you’ll snore.  That’s why it’s better to sleep on your side.

Fight off the yeast

Yeast could be the cause of sinusitis.  In turn, sinusitis could be blocking your breathing.  A blocked airway equates to snoring.  Talk to your doctor about a possible solution to this.  Decongesting your sinus could be the very solution you are looking for.


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