How to Deal with Anxiety When Interacting with People

stock-footage-school-and-young-people-two-happy-college-students-talking-and-laughing-in-city-parkIt is already common to find people who are afraid to communicate and interact with other people. Usually this kind of behavior, if it has reached its severity turns to be a social anxiety disorder or social phobia.

Have you experienced having recurrent cold and sweaty hands, shaky voice and trembling stature whenever you to talk to a large number of people? If so, then you must have a social phobia. But don’t rest on that as there are lot of social anxiety symptoms which can really detect if you have one. But whatever you’re feeling right now if it’s already social anxiety disorder or just mere social awkwardness, there are tips for you on how to deal with anxiety of this kind.

Know the causes why you are feeling that way

Sometimes feeling something can be hard when you do not know where it came from. That is why getting to know what may have the cause of your anxiety can be helpful in overcoming it. Causes of social anxiety can be based on psychological, cultural, societal and even familial.

Ease yourself by realizing that not everyone judges you

Don’t overdo yourself by thinking that everyone judges you whenever you get outside of your comfort zone. Don’t think that all people cares about your flaws and will eventually judge and hate you when they have known your flaws as an individual. Remember that not everyone gives time perfecting other people.

Start with small conversations

Don’t waste too much of your time isolating yourself in your room. You can start by at least going outside and talking with your neighbor and even to strangers even if the topic is too simple and typical.

Find a club or organization with the same interests as yours

Everyone has his or her own skills and interests. Bet you are too, you have the special skills other people don’t have. Start with what catches your interest, join a club or organization which focuses on such interest then with that, you can start discovering your own skills and potentials (if you haven’t yet discovered them). Eventually, you’ll love communicating with other people through your interest and skills. Usually people who have the same interests share the most understanding.

Motivate yourself every now and then

Starting to overcome your anxiety can be challenging because you may lose the stimulus to continue overcoming it. Perhaps, you just simply fall short of motivation. Hence, motivate yourself that you can do it. You can spare some time of introspection and try performing some relaxation techniques for anxiety.

Talk with cautions

When talking to people, regard yourself as a cautious person. Believe that you can be. It is important that you talk with tactfulness so others won’t be hurt by what you are telling them. Know their interest to build up strong web of connections. In a large group of people, don’t pressure yourself and just be calm and wait for your moment to speak your mind.

Find a confidante whom you trust well

This can be truly helpful as you can find someone listening to your dilemma. You can talk to someone about your progress and about your worries. It is like releasing something out of the negative vibes surrounding you.

Overcoming social anxiety and shyness can be tough but it takes a lot of patience and discipline. Just trust yourself and stay motivated.


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