Medications and Therapies for Nicotine Withdrawals

Smoking-and-InfertilityThinking of quitting smoking? Well you should be thinking that and eventually decide that you should. But to quit smoking can be a struggle for you since you will be releasing yourself from the addiction of cigarettes. It is also hard to deal with it since it is gradual and requires patience for you to deal with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal and cigarette cravings.

Dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings can be remedied through self-help techniques such as keeping yourself relax, eating healthy, drinking fluids, exercising and resting a lot. But there are inevitable cases wherein dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings can’t be tamed with self-help techniques. This will then lead you to the idea that you already need a help of a physician.

Some noted medications and therapies your physician would be referring you are the following:


Acupuncture – This therapy has been known to be an effective management technique or therapy for nicotine withdrawal symptoms. As one of the oldest medical techniques ever known in history, acupuncture is done through triggering endorphins release which makes the body relax since these endorphins are natural pain relievers.

Behavioral Therapy – Since smoking is a physical addiction and a psychological habit, your rituals and habitual behaviors as a smoker should be dealt with accordingly. You can use coping or management skills in order to deal with your rituals for instance, instead of lighting a cigarette, you can light a candle.

Motivational Therapy– This can be a therapy of self-help techniques as you can use reading materials such as magazines, books and articles in the internet where you can find alternative solutions in dealing with nicotine withdrawal symptoms and cigarette cravings. For example you can consider the amount that you always spend whenever you buy cigarettes. Calculate the amount that you may have saved for other worthwhile activities.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis – Stop smoking hypnosis has been known to be real effective in dealing with nicotine withdrawals and cigarette cravings. This therapy is done through directing you to a very profound relaxed mood where you are put to a state where you push to quit smoking and to create an unfavorable attitude and thinking about cigarettes and smoking.


Non-nicotine medication – This medication is actually done by reducing your cigarette cravings and lowering down your symptoms of nicotine withdrawal without the use of nicotine. Applying this kind of medication can be done through varenicline or Chantix and bupropion or Zyban.

Nicotine replacement therapy – If there is a non-nicotine medication, there is also a therapy or medication for nicotine withdrawals through the use of nicotine substitutes. This is about replacing cigarettes with other nicotine products such as nicotine patch and nicotine gum. Moreover, this nicotine replacement is done through providing gradual and low doses of these nicotine substitutes until you get rid of nicotine withdrawal symptoms without your exposure to the poisonous tars and gases of cigarettes. This therapy is not actually abrupt since you are still given nicotine but not with the presence of the contents pure cigarettes emit that could infect your lungs.


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