Effective and Easy-To-Do Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Couple_White_teethA smile is a natural way to communicate happiness.  Together with beautiful white teeth, it indicates success and confidence.  However, your smile does not often communicate positive vibrations.  This can be caused by the discoloration of your teeth that causes other impression.  To address this, there are numbers of tips you can read on how to get white teeth.

However, the best way to address this problem is by following natural teeth whitening methods that are friendly to your teeth.  But before we go to the exact methods, we must first understand why teeth discoloration occurs.

Teeth naturally darken as we age.  This is part of the degenerative process our bodies naturally experience.  Aside from that, there are also environmental factors that play a role in teeth discoloration.  Habits such as smoking and drinking coffee have long term effects on our teeth.  This includes staining, darkening, and damage to nerves.  Other factors to blame in yellowing of teeth are use of antibiotics and excessive fluoride consumption in specific stages of tooth formation.

With that in mind, we can now turn to natural teeth whitening methods that are proven to be effective.  Eating crunchy foods tops the list of natural teeth whitening.  It polishes the surface of your teeth.  Crunchy vegetables and fruits are also known to increase production of saliva.  The saliva is aids in protecting the teeth from cavity-causing bacteria.  On the other hand, sticky foods are often traced to be the source of substances that stain your teeth.

Aside from the strawberries ability to improve your cardiovascular condition, these fruit is also known to naturally whiten your teeth.  The vitamin C it contains is powerful enough to fight off plaques.  Malic acid, which is also found in apples, is a natural astringent that helps to remove stains on the surface of your teeth.  The steps on how to utilize berries on how to make your teeth whiter is simple.  Before you brush your teeth, crush the berries and apply the pulp with your toothbrush.  Let it stay for five minutes.  Rinse your mouth well afterwards.  Other than strawberries, a few vegetables such as cucumber, celery and broccoli have known natural tooth whitening effects.

Eating cheese appears to have no relation in improving your teeth’s condition.  However, it is helpful to know that cheese could promote remineralization of the enamel. (News here.)  The substance called casein along with calcium and phosphate plays a role in strengthening the enamel.  The enamel is the outermost surface of the tooth.  This layer protects the dentin.  The dentin dictates the color of the tooth.

Of course, you should not forget to maintain a healthy oral hygiene.  Brushing and flossing is the basics of having a good oral hygiene.  Brush your teeth every after meal if possible. This alone could keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Now that you have learned the several natural teeth whitening methods, it is time to try it for yourself.  The whitening process could take time but will surely result to a white and glowing smile that you have


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