How Your Diet Makes You Snore

snoringSnoring, at first, seems to be a harmless habit.  It is understandable because everyone snores occasionally.  However, it becomes too much when it affects the quantity and quality of sleep of other people in the room.  These people often transfer to other rooms to have a more relaxing night.  Snoring could also be a reason of fighting between couples.  Yes, it appears to be a narrow reason for break ups but this does occur in relationships.

It all boils down to

Food.  The stuff you take in has a big impact in determining whether you’ll snore or not.  The food fuels the body.  The type of fuel will dictate how your body machineries will perform.  If it’s great, your body operates as smooth as it can get.  If not, you’ll recognize a vibrating sound which indicates your body isn’t getting the right fuel or food.  So here goes the list of what to munch or not to munch. (Read news for further information.)

The Bad

Glass of Milk

A glass of milk is no-no.  Your ‘before bedtime’ drink could be contributing to your snoring.  How?  When you drink milk, or in that case any other dairy product, you are encouraging the body to produce more mucus.  Mucus serves to protect the body from foreign invaders.  But when in increased amounts, mucus accumulation could be a health threat.  Mucus intensifies the snoring problem by restricting the passage of air to the channels in your body.

A good alternative drink is an herbal cup of tea or an apple cider before you say your good night greeting.  Another dairy product that’s a good substitute for mucus producing foods is yogurt.

Fatty Foods

This food type is another snoring blunder.  Fatty foods, especially those eaten at night, are causing you to snore more.  The general rule is to avoid large meals before bedtime.  These type of foods cause inflammation of your digestive organs and air passages.

The Good

Olive oil

Yes, oil is considered as a form of fat.  However, unsaturated fats found in olive oil can aid in reducing inflammation which in turn, reduces snoring.  Once you’ve tried olive oil, you’ll instantly feel its effect in your throat.

Garlic and Onion

This two food spices is doing more than just adding flavor to dishes.  Onions and garlic could actually provide relief for snoring.  It is suspected that these spices are capable of drying up your nasal passages and airways which reduces the mucus accumulation hence reducing your snoring.

The information you’ve learned are honest-to-goodness solution to reduce your snoring.  However, keep in check other items such as your weight and the place you sleep; because aside from food, there could be a lot of things which may contribute to your snoring.


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