How to Deal with Anxiety When Interacting with People

stock-footage-school-and-young-people-two-happy-college-students-talking-and-laughing-in-city-parkIt is already common to find people who are afraid to communicate and interact with other people. Usually this kind of behavior, if it has reached its severity turns to be a social anxiety disorder or social phobia.

Have you experienced having recurrent cold and sweaty hands, shaky voice and trembling stature whenever you to talk to a large number of people? If so, then you must have a social phobia. But don’t rest on that as there are lot of social anxiety symptoms which can really detect if you have one. But whatever you’re feeling right now if it’s already social anxiety disorder or just mere social awkwardness, there are tips for you on how to deal with anxiety of this kind.

Know the causes why you are feeling that way

Sometimes feeling something can be hard when you do not know where it came from. That is why getting to know what may have the cause of your anxiety can be helpful in overcoming it. Causes of social anxiety can be based on psychological, cultural, societal and even familial.

Ease yourself by realizing that not everyone judges you

Don’t overdo yourself by thinking that everyone judges you whenever you get outside of your comfort zone. Don’t think that all people cares about your flaws and will eventually judge and hate you when they have known your flaws as an individual. Remember that not everyone gives time perfecting other people.

Start with small conversations

Don’t waste too much of your time isolating yourself in your room. You can start by at least going outside and talking with your neighbor and even to strangers even if the topic is too simple and typical.

Find a club or organization with the same interests as yours

Everyone has his or her own skills and interests. Bet you are too, you have the special skills other people don’t have. Start with what catches your interest, join a club or organization which focuses on such interest then with that, you can start discovering your own skills and potentials (if you haven’t yet discovered them). Eventually, you’ll love communicating with other people through your interest and skills. Usually people who have the same interests share the most understanding.

Motivate yourself every now and then

Starting to overcome your anxiety can be challenging because you may lose the stimulus to continue overcoming it. Perhaps, you just simply fall short of motivation. Hence, motivate yourself that you can do it. You can spare some time of introspection and try performing some relaxation techniques for anxiety.

Talk with cautions

When talking to people, regard yourself as a cautious person. Believe that you can be. It is important that you talk with tactfulness so others won’t be hurt by what you are telling them. Know their interest to build up strong web of connections. In a large group of people, don’t pressure yourself and just be calm and wait for your moment to speak your mind.

Find a confidante whom you trust well

This can be truly helpful as you can find someone listening to your dilemma. You can talk to someone about your progress and about your worries. It is like releasing something out of the negative vibes surrounding you.

Overcoming social anxiety and shyness can be tough but it takes a lot of patience and discipline. Just trust yourself and stay motivated.


The Self-Help Techniques in Treating Anxiety

anxiety-back-painKnowing if you have an anxiety disorder can be tricky because a simple feeling of anxiousness about a job interview, first date, difficult exam and public speaking can just be a simple feeling of anxiety. But when this recurs, consumes a long period of your life and becomes distracting to your daily life then this can already be a serious anxiety disorder.

But again, this can be tricky which is why you have to learn the different symptoms associated with anxiety disorder. You may even start assessing yourself if you have found some of these symptoms in your everyday activity.

Emotional Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Anticipating the worst situations
  • Feeling tense and discomfort
  • Watching for signs of danger
  • Feeling like you’re mentally blocked
  • Feelings of apprehension
  • Trouble concentrating

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating
  • Pounding heart
  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle tension
  • Tremors and twitches
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent urination

Panic Attacks Symptoms

  • Hot flushes or chills
  • Nausea or stomach cramps
  • Feeling detached
  • Gush of overwhelming panic
  • Choking sensation
  • Heart palpitations
  • Hyperventilation
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Losing of control

If you have found out that you have some of the symptoms such that of the panic attack symptoms and if you really feel that you are so messed up and that you have a gut feel that you have anxiety disorder. Learn a lot of ways on how to stop anxiety through treatments and therapies. However, as the one responsible for yourself, you can do some self-help treatments to overcome anxiety.

  1. Put into writing all your worries – This is tried and tested to be effective when you are coping with anxiety than overthinking all your worries which get stuck in your mind. Overthinking makes you preoccupied and confuse of the things you keep on worrying. Better write them all, you can write it on your laptop, desktop, smartphones, and tablet or simply write them down in your pad or notebook as your worries will gradually disappear.
  2. Set-up an anxiety worry period – In a day, you can have few minutes like 10 minutes to just think about all your worries. Devote this certain period about all the negative thoughts you have at the moment or for the day. Take note that you just have to think about them without designating some solutions. Right after this period, you can spend the rest of your day without worries. If you’ve come across another depressing thoughts, reserve them on your worry period.
  3. Accept uncertainty of things – Learn acceptance that not all things are controllable. Don’t overthink about those you can’t change because you’ll only forget that you have a good life to live by.
  4. Practice relaxation techniques for anxiety -You can have a daily meditation, all by your own. A moment of introspection daily can make you feel relaxed. Also, you can practice muscle relaxation and deep breathing.
  5. Have a healthy diet – Jumpstart your day with breakfast because this will actually boost you for the day. Then succeeding meals should only be minimal in amount. Don’t weary yourself by not eating because this tends to lower blood sugar which ignites anxiety. Also avoid too much consumption of alcohol.
  6. Exercise regularly – At least a 30 minutes allocation of exercise period will do the trick for your everyday living. Make sure that you’d get to exercise because exercise is a stress reliever.
  7. Get adequate sleep – Another important thing that you have to do is to get adequate sleep. If possible, 6 to 8 hours of quality sleep everyday so you will have sufficient time for cell repair.

Fat Burning Foods:Better Alternatives for Weight Loss

burn_fat_foodsYou can find several methods of weight loss today. Some of them are effective while others are not. Moreover, there are some methods that are unsafe and hold a greater risk than benefits. You should properly choose the safest methods of losing weight so that your health will not be put in jeopardy. If you still have doubts then it is preferable that you choose natural alternatives in dealing with weight problems. Here are some of the alternatives that you can try.

Eating foods that burn fat

There are specific fat burning dishes that you can eat regularly. Whole wheat, lean meat,  low-fat dairy products, green tea and hot peppers are only some of the proven foods that aids in burning the fat in the body. You could create special dishes with these kind of foods and make your weight loss more delicious.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be tough. You can enjoy eating without feeling guilty or worrying that you might get fat. With the right choices of foods you will be able to eat your way to losing weight. Enjoy as many delectable dishes as you can.  You don’t have to deprive yourself from eating all you have to do is make the right choices of foods that will help you burn fat.

Having a diet plan

The word diet doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself to death. In fact the word means that you have to eat food. As you know there are several suggested diet plans that you can indulge to. Two of the famous diet plans is the South Beach  and Paleo diet plan. It basically depends on you which plan will you take. The important thing is you don’t skip meals and eat the food suggested in the diet plan. If you carefully follow your diet plan then you’ll be a few pounds lighter compared without a diet plan. You could also decide to have carb free diet  avoiding foods that contain large amounts of carbohydrates.

You should know that a diet plan is useless or will not be effective in weight loss if you continue to overeat large amounts of food during meal. Ideally you should eat only an ample amount of food during every meal if you want results. The key to a successful diet plan is eating the right amount and  kinds of foods and leaving behind excessive eating.

Eat healthy and organic foods

One thing you want to avoid is being hungry. Whenever you are hungry you could eat a fruit or vegetable salad instead of chips and cakes. You could also have a fat burning soup diet as an alternative to high-calorie soups. It’s advisable that you abstain from eating foods that are processed and contains large amounts of calories. You may also want to avoid eating sweet desserts like chocolate puddings and other confectioneries. You can start losing weight by eating more naturally grown and fresh vegetables and fruits.

Lastly you may want to start changing your lifestyle by spending at least an hour in doing simple exercises like jogging. These kind of activity increases your metabolism burning more fat in your body.

Snoring Cures To Save Your Relationship

woman-snoreSnoring is one habit many people do not enjoy.  It affects the quality and quantity of sleep of other people in the room.  If you are a snorer and is in search for a snoring cure, then this page is for you.

Snoring cures do not always come in bottles of capsules or tablets.  Solutions can also be done by looking into the habits that could contribute to snoring.  These habits are often overlooked, thinking that it has no relationship on how you sleep at night.

Tongue tricks

Your tongue could be the major cause of your snoring trouble.  At night when it falls off causing blockage in your airway, it produces that annoying sound called snoring.  Exercising your tongue could be a bewildering way to stop snoring, but it really does.  The aim is to reshape it to fit into your mouth.  Training it to stick strictly under your mouth is the key step.  Constantly make a ‘t-t-t-t-t’ sound, like you’re reprimanding someone.  That practice could help in strengthening the tongue’s tip.  Once your tongue sticks like glue, your relationship would be as good as your night’s sleep.

Give way to the airway

For excessive snoring, health experts recommend a surgical procedure called coblation.  This is done by pushing a probe into the soft palate.  Radiofrequency energy will then heat and destroy the tissue, making the palate stiff as it can get.  The change would then instantly cause your airways to enlarge.  Once the airway is clear, there will be less disturbance experienced during sleep. (Watch this video for tips.)

It was also noted that patients who have undergone this operation has felt minimal pain and fast recovery.  Also, it was reported that their incidence of dreaming has increased.  This means that the newly fixed airway gave way to a better sleeping experience.

Ball of solutions

A tennis ball could actually be a snoring cure.  How? Sew a tennis ball inside a pocket of a T-shirt.  Wear this during your sleep.  Isn’t it comfortable?  Yes, that’s the goal.  When you roll on your back, there’ll be an increased chance that you’ll snore.  That’s why it’s better to sleep on your side.

Fight off the yeast

Yeast could be the cause of sinusitis.  In turn, sinusitis could be blocking your breathing.  A blocked airway equates to snoring.  Talk to your doctor about a possible solution to this.  Decongesting your sinus could be the very solution you are looking for.

How to Lose Belly Fat At Home: Tips and Tricks

lose_belly_fat_tricks_3Everyone always dream of a ripped body.  Walking on the beach with everyone’s attention is what makes motivate people to lose stomach fat.  If you are one of those individuals who wish to have a flattened belly, then this page is for you. (You can also watch this interesting video here: )

All about exercise

When performing exercises, you should try to add interval exercises.  Experts say that placing high intensity interval exercises will surely boost your burnt calories.  This is preferred over long exercises such as marathon and hours of walking in treadmills.  Place exercise in between your running, squats, or other exercises.  This will surely boost your burnt calories.  As addition, this will burn calories 16 hours after the exercise.

It is understood that cardio will is effective in toning your stomach muscles.  However, weight lifting also builds up your muscle.  With larger muscles, there is a way for your body to process more calories and burn more fats.  Aside from giving you a sculpted middle, it also paves you for you to eat more without gaining extra weight.

Diet and other habits

The last thing that you want is to get bloated with water.  However, experts suggest that it is important to replenish your daily water supply.  Six to eight glasses of water is the recommended amount per day.  This is sufficient to keep your body running every day and to get most out of your workouts.  Also, when you drink a lot, your body will also force you to flush out more.  You will end up less bloated as a result.

Limiting your drink is also part of losing belly fat.  When you hit up your happy hour, you will wind up accumulating excess sugar in your body.  Sugar will ultimately end up as fat.

You would not think of dark chocolate as an effective way of losing that belly fat.  Dark chocolate contains zinc.  Zinc finds its way to increasing the secretion of leptin.  This hormone affects your appetite and energy expenditures.  Of course, you need to pick the ones that contain less sugar.  Also, the amount of intake should be kept in moderation.

If you are skipping meals to lose weight, you will achieve the opposite.  If your body has not been given food for a long period, it will have the tendency to store more fat.  A hormone called cortisol is released when you are starving.  This is your body’s reaction to starving.  It stores the remaining energy into fats since it does not know when you will feed again.

One suggested way on how to lose belly at home is by maintaining a proper sleep time.  Schedule your sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day.  Avoid staying up late because it will mess up the natural rhythm of your body.  Your body will react by overproducing hormones that could affect your weight.

Now that you are to achieving a ripped body, prepare yourself mentally for the arduous task ahead.  The road to losing belly fat could be tiring.  But in the end, when you are able to savor people’s attention, it will be all worth it. 

Teeth Whitening Pens and Other Effective Measures in Whitening Teeth

teeth-whitening-penPearly white teeth are ideal for a perfect smile.  Teeth discoloration may add a negative impression to your smile.  With that to consider, you plan a way on how fight the discoloration in your tooth.  There are home remedies you can perform to keep your smile glowing.  The market also has products that provide teeth whitening kits that promise to address teeth discoloration issues.

With all the available remedies on how to make your teeth whiter, you should first understand how you got the ugly stains on your teeth.  It is expected that your teeth darkens as you age.  This is part of the natural processes your body goes through.  The discoloration also can be caused by harmful habits such as smoking and drinking coffee.  These substances cause discoloration over time.  Intake of excessive fluoride and antibiotics are also known to cause yellowing of the teeth.

After knowing the few culprits behind tooth discoloration, it is time to address the immediate problems.  Brushing and flossing is the basic habit to maintain a good oral hygiene.  But due to urgent commitments, people often took this activity for granted.  It is best to brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day.  It does not only decrease the risk of having gum disease and tooth decay, brushing and flossing helps to fight off plaques before it gives a discoloration to your teeth.

Experts also believe that eating crunchy foods over sticky foods may reduce teeth discoloration.   Carrots and raw celery are health foods that could polish your teeth and remove the unwanted stains.  They serve to protect the teeth without causing damage to the enamel.  Sticky foods are said to have substances that harm the surfaces of the teeth by sticking to it. (You can watch this video for more reasons why you need to keep your teeth white for longer.)

Consuming cheese could be a surprising way to protect your teeth.  It has a protein called casein that works together with calcium and phosphorus to stronger enamel.

It is also important to quit smoking.  Long term smokers often suffer the consequence of darkened and stained teeth.  This is caused by a substance called tar which is present in all tobacco products.  Aside from its harmful effects on the teeth, it is also a detrimental habit causing more serious health problems such as lung cancer.

Whitening pens are one of the best teeth whitening products available in the market today.  Teeth whitening pens promises to lighten up the enamel and dentin to give you a brighter smile.  These products have undergone laboratory and clinical to studies and are proven to be safe and effective.  This is very helpful for individuals who are into smoking, coffees, and beverages that stain your teeth.  All they need is a touch-up every 6 to 12 months to keep their teeth as white as before.

Now that you have ideas on how to make your teeth whiter, you can now choose a method that best suits your needs.  Some of the products that are marketed offer quick solutions to achieve the pearly white teeth you have always wanted.  If you have oral health concerns, it wise to see your dentist and doctors for advice.

Easy and Effective Ways to Grow Taller: Exercises for Adults

grow-taller-professionalPeople who are taller are perceived to be more superior compared to the shorter ones.  They excel in their jobs and they bring home more money.  This makes being tall a very desirable trait.  Because of this, you are now finding ways to grow taller for adults.

If you are not satisfied with your height, then you are in the right page.  This page will feature grow taller exercises for adults.  There are several factors responsible for your short stature.  Most of this can be attributed to your genes.  However, there are several steps you can employ to achieve height increase. (Learn more here.)

Let us start on hanging.  Hanging exercises is hard to do at first.  But after several tries, you will be able to easily do this exercise.  Hanging is a very simple exercise to stretch your body parts.  It stretches the spine and releases the pressure in between spines.  You should hang for at least 10 seconds before going down.  You should perform this simple exercise daily for 2 minutes.  You will gain at least one or two inches in height. (Watch video here.)

We move on to stretching.  Stretching is an excellent you to start workouts.  They warm up your body to prevent possible injuries.  It is also an effective way to grow taller for adults.  It is suggested to do stretches for at least 15 minutes daily.  Stretches that you can perform are car stretch and pelvic shift.

In car stretch, you must get on all fours with your arms locked out. To greatly benefit from this exercise, keep your arms straight throughout the exercise.  Start by inhaling while you flex your spine down and bringing your head up.  Hold that position for two to eight seconds.  Now exhale as you push your spine up in an arch while bringing your head down.  Perform the exercise at least six times.

Pelvic shift is a famous stretching exercise for gaining height.  It is performed by laying your back and arms straight and on your sides.  The knees should be bent with feet on the floor.  Spread your palms open on the floor.  Now, arch your back by lifting your hips as high as you can.  Hold the position for 40 seconds to gain full benefit from the exercise.  This exercise will gain you an inch or two and strengthens your lower back.

Swimming is a great activity to join in if you are into height increase.  Swimming makes you exert effort so that you will build up your muscle.  When you are using your muscle, it gets used to being stretched.  To effectively grow with swimming, you have to perform this at younger age.  It also requires time for results to show.  The suggested swimming styles for height gain are free style and breast stroke.

After reading the ways to get taller, you have now ideas on what to change in your daily habits.  By incorporating the habits you have learned in these articles, you will surely feel a change in your life.  You get more confident and feel more successful in your every day task as you grow taller.